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I got my Waxine brush!

Because I'm just slightly obsessed with this whole waxing furniture thing, I do believe I've watched and/or read almost every tutorial available online about how to do it.

And yet, I'm still skeered.  Heck I even used some of Annie's Soft Wax at the workshop I attended a week or so ago, and I'm still freaking out over how to use it.

(me in white with peach tank....raise yer hand if you're surprised at the color I chose to play with..Photo from The Poppy Cottage)

So, in order to save my beloved readers some time, I thought I'd share what I consider to be the BEST Annie Sloan-specific waxing tutorial I've found.  Even better than Miss Mustard Seed herself....and we all know she rocks the furniture do-over planet.

Get excited.

Cindy of Simply Reinvented is specific, she is detailed, and she's supah, dupah cute-to-boot.  I could listen to her sah-weet southern accent all the ding dang day long.  ("when you uh-plah thuh wax...."  LOVE IT.) Since we share the same name, of course I know she's awesome.

And she lives in Nashville TN where my bro lives....which means, well, ok nothing.

Anyway, after watching her video several million times a few times, I feel confident enough to try it on a chalk painted practice board now.


BTW, her method is what I learned (but couldn't seem to absorb) from the workshop I took.  It's kinda like when it took 3 tries to finally pass Algebra.

You didn't just read that last sentence.

Things you'll learn from Cindy that you prolly haven't learned from other tutes:

*the best way to condition your wax brush before the first use and after use
*exactly how much wax to use, and how to get the proper amount on your brush
*how to apply it, what the piece should feel like, how to properly remove the excess

Ready?  Here is her video plus the link to the page where she also writes out her method.

She has a couple other excellent video tutorials as well, one for using the AS chalk paint and one for the super scary AS dark wax.  Find them here.

Or visit this page to read her other tutorials on gray washing, lining drawers, etc.  I spent quite a bit of time over there the other night...I think we're in a serious relationship now.  Cindy has a fantabulous blog with smokin' hot furniture re-dos.  I kinda hope to be her when I grow up. Or at least talk like her. Except that she's WAY younger than me.

Might be a problem.

Thanks, Cindy, for sharing your knowledge. We bow to you.  I hope to visit the shop where you sell your amazeballs pieces next time I'm in Nash.
So friends....any other tips you want to add?  I'd love to read them.


Unknown said...

Thanks Cindy! What a sweet write-up {AND I laughed when I read the comment about the tutorial and MMS}. We all know she is the best in the business but thank you for the amazing compliment. Come visit anytime! I don't drink sweet tea like most southern girls but I will make you some biscuits with homemade strawberry jelly! :)

Dreamer said...

Hi! Great post! :-)
I have a dining table which has probably 4 coats of white glossy paint on top of its original dark stain. Now I want to use the chalk paint to change it up... I've read all over the internet that there's no need to strip the paint off the furniture before using chalk paint, but should I do it with my dining table since there are so many layers of paint on it? The table is so sticky as it is... everything sticks to it. It feels like someone spilled juice over it and never cleaned it. I left a Target bag on it the other day and the next day there was a red bullseye on my table (bless the magic eraser for taking care of it).

sue sprick said...

Hi Cindy
I painted my kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan old ochre, tried waxing , I'm exhausted and frustrated�� I'm thinking poly is the way to go.Do I sand first , what is the easiest way to apply the poly and what brand .
My house is a busy place grandkids and adult kids need it to be washable and not yellow. Any help ??

Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic tutorial. As an experiential learner, I DID use too much DARK wax on my dresser and now it's tacky, but I've already started using the dresser. I think I'll wait until next year to find the time to redo the wax job.
I bought the ASCP and the Waxes from the only supplier in the NY metro area. I was a bit disappointed about how reserved she was when I was speaking to her about my projects. I guess she wanted me to come to a tutorial she provides rather than speak a long time to me that very day. I don't know, had she explained to me about how to apply the Wax the way Cindy does in her tutorial I'd not have a big ole DARK (nearly Black) tacky dresser that belonged to my father as a child in the 1930's. I did tell her my dresser was an heirloom piece and meant a lot to me. :(

pammy said...

I loved your video. I think this helped me a lot. Thank you so much. Do you think it needs a second coat of wax?


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