::Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Easter to You::

Every now and then, the stars align and my birthday falls on Easter.
I get double prizes then.

Me at three, circa 1970. 
Anyone else remember that thick fluffy yarn our mamas tied into our piggy tails?

I've spent the evening filling baskets with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans for all my favorite kiddies, 
from age 28 down to 11 months.
Grandbaby Robyn Rose is getting this hoppity wee rabbit instead of the chocolate variety.

Me at 1 week or so spring 1967, with my dad and his smoke.  
Days of Mad Men, and all.

Hope your day is filled with yummy-ness and ham.  
Or whatever lovely things say "Spring is Here!" in your cottages.
Wind-up bunnies do it for me.


foreverdecorating said...

Happy Double...Easter and Birthday to you!

cairncottage said...

Oh, how fun! Wonder what you'll get for a birthday present. Maybe a chocolate rabbit?! :) Happy birthday and Easter, too!
Ann @ Cairn Cottage

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Happy birthday & Happy Easter Cindy! May your Easter Basket be overflowing with all things good.

Kasia said...

Happy birthday and Easter! Have fun and many presents :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Cute pigtails! And of course, enjoy your Easter too!


Maureen said...

Happy Birthday to you! I remember those wool hair ties.... a blast from the past!


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