::Spring-ifying our Temporary Home::

Despite a ridiculously cold, snowy and windy March,
and even amidst some pretty classy maroon faux painting left from 
the previous owners, 
I finally dug into my spring decor boxes for a session of....

Today I'll show you the dining room....which is the only dining area in the home, and measures 9 X 9.

My wee hutch barely fits, but I was determined to have it in there.
It's a fun space to decorate for the seasons, and we have no mantel here.

Lovin' these pastel mercury glass egg ornaments I picked up last year at Pottery Barn.

You know me....I have absolutely no issue using fake nests and fake eggs.  

I thought a cloche-within-a-cloche was a kinda cool idea....

My seasonal blocks and a wee nest...

This is actually a real next with fake eggs...with real eggs in the back.

This is a tiny niche in the wall...the house was built in 1952, so there's several of these around the place.

This one is actually a peek thru.  There's an old phone box below it.
If you scroll back up you can see both in the picture of the entire room.

Here's a bit of springy stuff in our bathroom.

We're slowly getting settled in here, even thought it's temporary.  
I will be sharing some ways we'll make it 'ours' for the short time we're here.  

We'll also be doing some room transformations since it will be my daughter's house after we move...
she's anxious to rid the house of it's 90's contemporary flair. :)
Thank goodness her style is very similar to mine!

 Next up I'll share some ways I've staged some built-in shelves in the family room.


NanaDiana said...

Looking good, Cindy-even if it is only temporary. At least it will be "home" while you are there- xo Diana

Sheila said...

You have an amazing eye! I wish you lived closer and could help me out. :)

I love it all!

Lady Pamela said...

You are very inspiring. I wish I could get more motivated to decorate for spring.


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