Day 19: Mirror Makeover

EDITED 1-14-12 to add this to Funky Junk's Saturday Night Special Themed Linky: Best Junk Project of 2011
Me again.  Ahead of the game.
Bet cha thought you'd need to wait another several days, 
but no, your heroine returns to present yet another do-over.

Behold: the garage door.
Okay, not the garage door, the icky mirror on the floor.

Dandy Do-Over:

Part of my livingroom corner fallishness.

19 down. 12 to go.

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Jennifer said...

WOW! That is awesome! I love the color you used. So well done!

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Looks fab! I love the color as well and what a great way to use those "dresser top" mirrors that can be found so often without the dresser!


hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

love that deep rich blue color. so pretty.

NanaDiana said...

That looks great- Is that chalk paint? I love the color! xo Diana

Unknown said...

Cute, and a great colour too. Such a cozy spot.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Fallishness is my favorite.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Love your fallishness! Lovely mirror, too.

lisaroy said...

Loving the colour you chose!

Kori said...

Seriously. Where in the heck do you find all of your so super cute pieces??!?

I love all of your do-overs....they are darling!!

Unknown said...

Cindy, I LOVE that mirror. I see those all over the place but never really thing to get one, now I'm gonna be on the hunt (probably means I won't see them anymore, lol). What color is the blue? It's BEAUTIFUL!!
Have a wonderful day ~

Erin said...

Yes, please share the color you used, Cindy! I love the way the blue looks next to the warm tones of the dresser. Beautiful!

You rock for sticking with this 31 day event. Hope you're doing well!

Carolina Country Living

Ivy and Elephants said...

You really brought that mirror back to life. Now it is the real star in the entry. Super job!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it... and I really love that dresser too. Gorgeous pieces!

Lindsay said...

I am your newest follower and for god reason. Girl you've been havin some fun with all the make overs!! They all look SO great. I am so glad I came across you blog.
Keep up the awesome work. Can't wait to see what is next.

Leo said...

THis came out great! Love it. The color is awesome.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

How is thee? Hast thou forgotten me!? Love the mirror. You got skills. Hello...is it me you're looking for?

Edith said...

That's a very cute idea and I like how you used something that you already had and re-purposed it for the season.

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House said...

Hi Cindy, I absolutely love how you have used that door in the corner! it looks like you have created a corner cabinet. You could install a few triangular shelves and viola!..there you go.. a beautiful corner cabinet. I love that the way that door looks!!


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