31 Days: Day 1 Double Rocker Deliciousness

PSSSST...I'm no longer blogging here!
You can now find me at


Nester and the gang threw out a challenge to do a series of posts on a specific theme for

Raise your hand if you know what my theme is.  (button?  what button?)

Why yes, I will be doing Dandy Do-Overs. 31 of 'em.  In a row.

I will do a dandy do-over on cheap/free items every day for the month.  Well, a lot of days of the month.  

Other days I'll cheat.  

Cheating means I'll be showing you dandy do-overs I've done over my 2 years of blogging. 
(say that 4-times-fast) 

Furniture, bric-a-brac (who came up with that name?), etc. 
With links to those specific posts if you're interested in seeing the nitty gritties.  



 Orang-a-licious velour double rocker 

(for family room)

(for the back porch)


Patricia said...

It will be fun to see what you've come up with. A daily posting schedule for 31 days is quite the challenge.

Unknown said...

A double do-over! I loved this one. I look forward to the new stuff. but I also like reminders of projects you have completed already.

Perfect Imperfections by Jeanne said...

Love it! This is my first visit to your blog and I've enjoyed browsing around. Came over from The Nester. I'm looking forward to your 31 days.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

#2 is perfect!!! That color is making me drool! lol


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