::The Master (Bedroom) Plan::

Wow.  I mean, seriously, wow.

You guys gave me super awesome advice on my last post!  Many, many ideas confirmed the direction I figgered I needed to go to rid myself of the Minecraft face.  And many of you gave me other ideas that I hadn't even thought of!  What great readers I have...THANK YOU for your input!  It's that kind of give and take that makes me love blogging....

So, because I'm a weirdo, I started painting my bedroom yesterday.  While I was in the midst of 3 other projects.  Yeah. Here's after the first coat:

Then I ran outta paint.  Of course I did.

But it gives you an idea of the difference in color, which is called 'Reed' by Martha Stewart (at Home Depot).  She has this nifty symbol system to coordinate colors.  The original color was 'Brown Alpaca' which has a flower symbol, and since I'm keeping the bathroom that color, I wanted something lighter in the bedroom that would still coordinate....'Reed' also has a flower.  Martha is on my *#&^  list right now, but dang she has awesome colors.

A few suggested I use a pale aqua, and I seriously considered it.  In the end, I decided to stick with a warm, creamy beige because most of the rest of my house is already pale aqua (Martha Stewart's Spring Rain), plus my previous bedroom was aqua and I wanted something different.....although there will be plenty of aqua in this room.  For instance...

My beloved, faded, chippy shutter....delicious against the new wall color:

Fabrics I'm hoping to utilize....and more shutters:

And get this....a friend who does renovations was installing our water filter yesterday and brought me 2 circa 1904 windows for free that just happen to be exactly the right size to hang below those Minecraft eyes windows! The glass needs removed, and they need cleaned up and sealed, but really?  How perfect.  Serendipity, I tell ya.

ANNNDDDD...hubster and I made a trip to the ReStore today and found 3 old wooden louvered closet doors to make a headboard.  We paid a whooping $14 with tax.  If y'all are lucky, I'll try to remember to take pics as we build it if you'd like to try your hand at constructing a $14 king size headboard.

So....I have my work cut out for me over the next week before we take off for a 10 trip to warmer climes (Orlando, FL).  I'll try to get as much painting, building, sewing, frouffing done as I can. I usually don't mess with the master bedroom till all the other areas are done, but since it's right off the main living area where God and everyone can see it, I wanted to make it awesome from the get go. Again, thanks SO much for your input!  I am excited for how the room will take shape.

PS: I also painted my entryway and a chalkboard wall, I'm painting my soon-to-make-an-appearance grandbaby #2's room next door, and I'm preparing another chalky paint brand review, so ::cottage instincts:: is back on the playing field :)


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Wahoo... I think I'm as excited as you are! And you are so right...it sounds as though you've got plenty of aqua in your home already. Can NOT wait to see the headboard...go Cindy! Go first to Florida though! Have a grand holiday!

Brenda Pruitt said...

And I'm SO glad Cottage Instincts is back on the playing field on a regular rotation!

Rebecca said...

Oh, yeah! You're definitely back. I can't WAIT to see the finished product!

Pine Tree Home said...

Looking forward to how you make the headboard.

sweet violets said...

Love this new color!!! Did not know about the color of your bathroom, so glad it coordinates now. Am so excited to see this all done!!! Love the closet doors......try to raise your bed up a bit, they sell bed risers at Target and Bed Bath&Beyond too........it will give you a whole new perspective on the windows.......have fun!!!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It looks great!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Wow! You've been busy. I like the new colour very much: I think it's going to work better in your bedroom. It's very difficult to give colour advice as it's very personal, but the first one seemed a tad too dark in your bedroom, when I like it in your bathroom.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh those lovely shutters... How awesome must it be to have a friend that would bring you vintage windows? That's a keeper!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see that headboard done - it'll be amazing - and those windows are such a score !!!
AND Florida? Yes, please

Beth said...

Why is Martha on your #%^* list? Not that I zero in on the gossip. Not at all.
Your bedroom is looking pretty, I think you're going in the right direction with your colors.


Beth said...

Why is Martha on your #%^* list? Not that I zero in on the gossip. Not at all.
Your bedroom is looking pretty, I think you're going in the right direction with your colors.


chatterbox said...

Oh my goodness. You have ME motivated! Can't wait to see the final result. :)


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