::A Minecraft Master::

I need a little help brainstorming about my master bedroom.
Here's what I'm working with.  I thought it'd be nifty to have those two square windows, but now I'm not so sure.  They're just kinda hanging around up there...floating in nothingness.  With 9 foot ceilings, they remind me of  2 ginormous eyes, and my headboard is a frown. Like some sorta creepy, blocky Minecraft character.

Lemme show you a wider view:  See the frowny face?

And while I'm at it, lemme just say that the ding dong dang framers (Amish Dudes) didn't get them even from the corners.  The one on the left is farther away from the wall than the one over the blue table....which shifts the whole bed towards the bathroom door, leaving more space on the side with the big windows.  Kinda irritates me, but whatev.

So, I'm also not sure I'm in love with the color (though I love it in the ajoining bath).  I used this color (Martha Stewart Brown Alpaca) in my old kitchen and loved it, but my cabinets were white.  Maybe I need to paint the nightstands white? I'm also kinda over the headboard.  I think I need a statement headboard to fill up some of that wallspace...also one that I can lean against as opposed to say, fall thru when I'm blog-stalking before bed on my laptop.  *rolling eyes*

One of my tricks when I'm feeling stuck is to take pictures.  Sometimes it helped me get a 'big picture' of what I'm dealing with.  Unfortunately, all it did for me today was show me a Minecraft face.

Here's some of my inspiration pics from my sah-weet master suites Pinterest board.....(and I just went to take a gander and realized EVERY picture except one features pale blues/greens, cream or white walls.  Ugh.  Think I'll be doing some painting in there.....)

A shutter headboard?

A canopy bed?
 (dead link)

Here's the only one with dark-ish walls, and it's surrounded by white....

So....your turn.  Ideas?  Opinions?
Should I just draw a giant nose over the headboard and call it a day?


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I like the idea of a much lighter wall colour. I see too much contrast between the windows and the wall, but if it were a pale watery shade of aqua, for example, the windows would not stand out so much. Just fantasizing here, but imagine a hefty moulding around each of the windows, and the whole wall bead boarded, and a soft, dreamy upholstered headboard. Sweet dreams!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh, me again. I would paint all that wood a creamy shade of white.

sweet violets said...

I agree with Sue.....pale aqua walls, large molding around those windows, I'd put some lace on the windows for curtains, and I really love the uneven shutters for a head board, very cool!!! You can hang things from the shutters too by putting S hooks on a slat. Or put a shelf under the windows going across the entire wall with chunky brackets. Can you raise the bed so it is higher? Might help......

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Unfortunately before I read it, I saw the sad face. I once made the mistake of buying a sad-faced clock for a child that sees faces in everything, so now I notice.

I like the rectangular, simple canopy bed because it is straight and draws the eye up. It also has paneling behind it. I think that would work. Is there a Shaker or a Quaker able to build you one? It would be lovely, especially with your lovely blue accents.

Unknown said...

I'm peeing my pants here - you are too too funny girl!!!
Canopy bed - I'm with Butterfly on this one - it'll draw the eyes up to the window lines at least!
Or a nose could work too LMHO

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love Sues ideas and agree a pale and I mean pale aqua watery color and creamy white for all molding and thicker molding around the windows and I have to say I do adore the pinterest pictures, especially the one with the doors for headboard.,so cool, just start with the wall color, the windows with be less noticable...

Rebecca said...

You're so funny! I know with all your ideas and designing friends that you'll come up with a solution :)

NanaDiana said...

Well, I am always the odd one out but -----

If it were me- I would do some sort of window treatment from wall-to-wall. I KNOW that is a bit radical but if you came down just over the windows it would unify the whole space and the windows wouldn't look like they were floating. You could still reach up and open them when you wanted. Then you could center your bed on the wall, too. Like I said- I do things a little differently...lol.

If you paint the room a pale aqua would you have to paint the master bath, too? I don't think the color is awful-just different from the rest of your house and it looks like it picks up the tones in your carpet? IF you could find a material you liked for a long valance you might find one with the tans AND the aquas in it-IF you don't want to paint. A few throw pillows with that fabric and a tie-in to your bathroom with it MIGHT do the trick.

Decisions-decisions-decisions---lol xo Diana

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I think your idea is a good one. If you had a larger more dramatic headboard and bedding those windows would just disappear. That is hilarious that is looks like a sad face now...I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out!

Sheri said...

Oh wow! that first inspiration photo is beyond awesome! I want that room.

But anyway, back to you! I agree that a large headboard will help pull your eyes away from the windows.

Can't wait to see what you do!

longtodolist said...

How about a gallery wall to add interest above the bed? You could paint all of the frames the blue color of your bedside table to add more color to the room. Maybe a vintage rectangular mirror for a center piece with other things around it. You could use framed art, pretty plates,architectural piece and make an interesting display. That way you're not having to buy a new bed!

longtodolist said...

Oh, and I like the idea Sweet Violet had for lace on the windows. Since they're small and high, I wouldn't draw too much attention to them.

chatterbox said...

I had a thought...what if you added long rectangular window frames below the square windows to create a faux treatment, then work your floofing magic? It would frame your headboard area more... Love your decor and have followed you for years... :) Have a blessed day!

Three Birds Inspired said...

OK - I am lazy and not reading through all the comments. I would put some kind of a focal point behind the bed. I think the shutters would be darling. I am also a huge fan of high poster beds. I would change the wall color to something a bit more subdued and I would definitely paint the night tables white or a shade of white. I think the windows are distracting and would just bug me. I might make long, narrow curtains to cover them floor to ceiling and only open when I needed the extra light. I am a firm believer that most everything can be fixed with enough fabric!!

Lindsay said...

Out of the choices you put up, I like the tall shutters. An idea I had was to make a gallery wall about your bed, with all the frames in white. The windows would just be a couple more pieces of art in the gallery! (I did something like this for my black-hole-of-a-TV with black frames for my gallery wall. Now the TV doesn't stand out like it used to!)

morninglorycottage said...

I love the wall color but I think you need the strong contrast of white to pull off what you're looking for. Definitely a large, white architectural piece for your headboard. You need larger pieces of furniture for that large room. Something to balance those high windows.
Pulled from Pinterest links
I hope these help. I love your new house. The last link is to Ana White's site. It's for a twin bed but I'm sure it could be enlarged and I think would look far better larger. Good luck. Look forward to finding out what you figure out.

frances said...

Haha. Yes definately do the nose, just till you redecorate . It'll give you a laugh in the meantime. The windows are a bit odd, but probably seemed like a good idea at the time

Marian said...

How motivated are you feeling? If you are in the place to paint the whole room, then have at it. But if you're not, a solution for now might be to just hang some curtains up behind your headboard, with the rods near the ceiling. It would bring some softness to the space, even if you just used bleached drop cloth or some airy muslin. I think you could probably do the whole area for less than $100 with those fabrics.
Glad you're thinking design again. And for the record, I LOVE the shutter headboard for you. That pic was amazing!
Marian@Gathering Branches

Wingnut said...

Cindy...I could not help but put my 2 cents worth in so take from it what you will...to distract your eye from the windows I would paint the walls a very light cream and keep the trim white except the trim around the windows should be same color as the walls. The high shuttered headboard would be great but paint it the turquoise blue you like and paint the night stands a complimentary color like a yellow and add tall lamps. The darker color headboard should stand out more than the windows.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I haven't even started thinking about bedrooms... Mine is awful, but is very far on my to-redo list!
I was wondering, though, if adding frames over your bed (whatever the headboard you choose) wouldn't help "linking" the square windows together and prevent the "eyes and frown" vision you have.

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