::Swan Dive::

So long story a bit shorter:

We bought the house in the previous post....the cape cod with a lot next to it.

(the white house in the background was built by friends of ours from another neighborhood...so we'll be back-door neighbors again!)

It was a super duper long shot, as 2 other buyers had scheduled a 2nd showing the following day, and the realtor was expecting another offer over the weekend.

We looked at it with the kids, then spent the evening deliberating about an offer as it had to be something the kids could afford to pay us as rent after we move next door once our house is built.  Even though we knew others were seriously interested, we decided we wouldn't get into a bidding war, that we would offer what we could (more on that in a bit), and trust that if it was meant to be, it would happen.  Before bed, we emailed our realtor to call us first thing to help us put in the offer.

6:00am I get an email that the property is no longer on the market.  Wait, wah?

Disappointment, weeping and gnashing of teeth ensue.  We shouldn't have waited!  BUT, we did was was sensible and prudent, taking our time to understand the ramifications of going forward with my little scheme....and I assumed at that point, it must not have been in the cards for us.

I put off calling my daughter 'cause I knew she'd be so disappointed...even though we told her and her hubby it was gonna be hard to finaggle all the details, especially as we weren't able to offer full price.  Now we couldn't even make an offer!

Before calling her with the news, I checked in with hubs a couple hours later to see if he'd heard from our realtor about what had happened.  Sure enough, he had a voicemail from our realtor.  Evidently the listing had expired at midnight, so I was notified via email...but not that it had been immediately relisted.


24 hours later our modest offer was accepted with no counter offer.  My biggest fear was that they'd counter and we would have to walk away....or worse, the other offer would simply better.  I was truly shocked!  And thrilled!  And amazed!  And I actually cried.....we chanced it, and it worked :)

One wee issue...we couldn't do a contingent offer...sooooo.....

.....Realtor Friend put a sign in the yard the next day.  Sell, Baby, Sell!  We were excited about how it worked out, but were terribly under the gun to get our house sold.  I believed things were happening as they should, without us pushing or fretting....but that breeze felt a bit chilly on our rear ends just ahangin' out there.....

And within 2 weeks, we had an asking price offer.  While we were traipsing thru Disney World no-less.

We move in one week.

One week.  As in 4 weeks after this whole rigamaroll started.

Exciting times here at the cottage, lemmetellya.

The saga isn't over yet....we still need to make sure we can get financing to build next door....and the bank might not be too keen on financing a property that might not appraise for what it will cost to build because it sits on a main thoroughfare (already had one appraiser tell us NOT to build there).  We'll just keep to the plan until it seems it's impossible.  The way things have worked so far has convinced me that things work out like they should if you dare to dream and to follow your instincts.

Even when you're in a full-blown swan dive into a big unknown future.


NanaDiana said...

Good for you for taking the chance. I think when things like that happen it is a God thing. Good luck to you- I know you are going to be busy. We are selling in the Spring and I am dreadfully looking forward to it!;<) xo Diana

Tina said...

Congratulations on your new home. Looking forward to seeing future posts. Sounds as it was meant to be.

Amy W. said...

Yay, was looking for this update. I'm stoked for your whole family. Wishing for things to go as they have been. Can't wait to see what you do with your new home...then the NEW build. ;)

cairncottage said...

Wow! I hadn't stopped by your blog in a few weeks. Boy, alot has happened! Talk about moving quickly! Isn't that how it goes, especially with moving and real estate...it's either feast or famine! We are in the process of helping our single son find his own place. It can be a challenge! Congrats, Cindy.
❤Ann @ Cairn Cottage


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