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If moving dwelling places isn't your favorite thing in the world, this post will give you hives.
It's about de-decorating.
Not my favorite thing either, but it's a necessary part of the next season of my life.

I am constantly amazed each time we move, which would be every 3-5 years thankyouverymuch, how many decorating doo-dads I have.  
I get reeeeeaaaallly in touch with how much stuff surrounds me each day.

These are the times I usually begin berating myself for hoarding useless stuff....but not this time.
THIS time I recognize how awesome I am for adorning this circa 1982 lofted ranch in such a way that more than 20 different families walked thru during Open House and enthusiastically exclaimed over 'my decorating'.  
They loved the story.
And one family bought it just 2 weeks after we put the sign in the yard.
For asking price.

Walking thru it now, removing all the 'jewelry' reminds me how empty spaces leave me cold and sad.
How our 'stuff' helped tell my family's story the last few years.
How arranging and rearranging it gave me a hobby and outlet for my creativity.

I'm ready to part with lots of my decor, not because I hate it, but because so much of it was perfect for this house, and maybe won't be so perfect in the next.
Because I like change, and want a bit more color in my next house.  

And since we don't have nailed down exactly what 'next' looks like....and the immediate future will be living in a house 1/2 the size of this one...

...I'm gonna have to say so long to many happy decorating pieces.
Stuff that is just stuff, of course, but stuff that has happy memories for me.
I started this blog soon after we moved here, and it makes me all kinds of thankful I documented my decorating adventures here with all that stuff.

And though I'm none-to-pleased to have to pack it all up over the next couple days, it's giving me opportunity to check in with those ::cottage instincts:: again....sifting and sorting those likes and loves, trusting I'll make a few mistakes by keeping what I shouldn't and perhaps giving away something I should have kept.

So while I spend the next days de-decorating, I'm already mulling over what items I'll use to decorate the temporary home....because, like I said, I like stuff.  I have a need to tell my family's story where ever we dwell.  
But I don't think I'll need all three sets of vintage dishes to tell that story in a house with no room for a china hutch, eh?


marie said...

I am not moving anytime soon but I am constantly sorting through my home and making trips to the goodwill. I've been in my home for 10 years now and am getting a little itch to do some redecorating.

Tina said...

I may be strange, but that looks like fun to me. To evaluate what you have and envision how and what to use in the next space. Blessings on your new dwelling space. I'm always inspired by your decorating and posts.

Holly said...

I'm happy for you...to start fresh again especially after your hard journey last fall, but I have to say, I will miss seeing your lovely present home on your blog.

Jen Kershner said...

That is pretty amazing! It's funny that the people that bought your house will never quite be able to recapture the feel which was part of the reason they bought it. Our realtor ran into the husband of the couple that bought our house and he said they love it but it doesn't look as good as when we owned it. A nice compliment I think! Good luck on your next chapter!

thistlewoodfarm said...

What a blessing that your house sold so quickly! And I know your new house full of color will be amazing!



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