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Help a girl out, eh?  

I've got tons of soap babies hanging out in my cra(p)ft room since making up batches and batches for my daughter Maddie's Senior Show, required for her Graphic Design degree (she won first place!)
...remember she created an entire marketing campaign for my soap?  

So I've got like a bazillion tons of the stuff I need to sell. 
 Maybe I should mention she advertised it at $16 dollars per bar???  

My prices actually start at $5.50 and go down as you purchase more.  Whee!
In fact, I've got some specials running on select fragrances as well as on all the soaps I made for the show.
They start at only $4.50!

My soap is formulated for gentleness,
are all natural and scented with essential oil blends
(except for the 3 seasonal scents made with skin-safe fragrance oils),
and they smell, well....they smell awesome!

If you'd like to order, visit:

Free samples with every purchase!
Thanks readers :)


NanaDiana said...

Oh- It looks wonderful. I hope you sell a ton of it. I have a friend that keeps me supplied. She loves making soap! xo Diana

Maureen said...

Not sure if your intention is just to get rid of what you have or make a business out of it. If you're looking to make a business out of it, I might be interested in carrying them in my shop. If so, can I buy samples?

Always looking out for new things for the shop.

Sonnie said...

Cindy!! Used the soap over the weekend - SUDSY! WOW! Love the scent, too....great soap, I can say the best handmade soap I've ever used. I'll be placing another order soon...my sisters are getting this for Christmas! :) Oh heck, who am I kidding...they're getting it before December.

Unknown said...

Wow! This hand made soap looks fragrance is it? :) I like the looks of this stuff and congratulation for a job well done. Thanks.

Charles | Real Estate Philippines


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