::oh yeah, I have a decorating blog::

I'm back.  

And I've missed you guys.

I actually have some decorating stuff to share.

But not til Monday. (boo)

(evidence of new beginnings.  I love that. As should you.)

Today I thought I'd catch you up on my last 2.5 months in pictures:  Ready set?

I attempted to cheat winter this year by spending almost the entirety of February in Florida.
We saw the Mouse and his Mrs.

We took in the sights of life-sized lego men at Legoland.

We drove down to Naples to visit my folks.

(my mama with my daughters Maddie on the left, Gracie on the right)

Then Hubs dropped the boys and I in the Panhandle
where we spent two more weeks looking at this:

(not a good sign)

It was cold, windy and rainy the ENTIRE 2 weeks. 
I came home exhausted, depressed about the money we'd spent for nothing, 
and finally ready to make some changes in my life.

In March, my sis and I took a quick trip to Nashville TN to see Mumford & Sons 
at the historic Ryman Auditorium.  

My brother happens to be their booking agent (as well as Bon Iver's!), 
and he got us some wicked awesome seats.  
Unfortunately my iPhone died just as the concert started :(

(we also spent the next day getting completely lost and found ourselves in Greece.
*snicker*  Actually we found ourselves in Centennial Park near Vanderbuilt U.)

This month my oldest daughter Maddie graduates with a bachelors in Graphic Design.
Here she is receiving 1st Place in Graphic Design for her Senior Show Display!

And here's her set up.
She designed everything: did the photography, labels, catalogues, signage, packaging, website, etc. 
I made the soap :)

Close up:

(all this soap will be on sale soon.  I'll post the link when it's ready!)

And finally, we are within one week of D-day for this:

My second daughter Kristen will be presenting us with our first grandbaby (a girl!) hopefully within days.

(blurry pic of her sitting on third daughter Gracie's lap)

In the meantime, I've redecorated my mantle and other spots with springishness, 
finished the guest room as well as the guest bath. 
My motivation came in the form of that belly up thar....Kristen is delivering at home,
at MY home, and I wanted her to have comfortable spaces to labor in.
(did you guys know I am a doula?)

Anyway, I'll be showing off those finished spaces next week.
Unless we have a baby first, then I will of course be showing HER off....

The only other item of possible interest: I fired up my other blog again....
where I document my lifestyle changes and personal journey to physical, mental and spiritual health.  
Feel free to pop over there sometimes too.

Would love to hear how things are going in your meadow.


Rasonda @ East Conolly Cottage said...

We have missed you too! Thanks for the update!!

Erin said...

Welcome back, Cindy! So much happening in your neck of the woods; I'm glad most of its been good. :) Can't believe it's almost time for the grand baby to arrive! And I'm completely jealous you got to see Mumford and Sons last month...

We're thinking of taking a FL trip in June and going to LEGO Land since my son 5yo is obsessed with LEGOs. How many days should we reasonably allot for a visit to that park?


NanaDiana said...

Well, I was about to send the rescue dogs out for you! Glad you found your way back. It sounds like you had a wonderful time ...even though you had crappy weather.

I am glad you got your other blog all fired up...It is hard, isn't it to be the best we can be all of the time? You can do this, Cindy. I know you can!

I am so excited for you with your upcoming new grandbaby. You will be over the moon- Trust me! It is the most wonderful thing on Earth. xo Diana

Unknown said...

Good to see you back, Cindy. Looking forward to the photos of your new grandbaby soon. All the best to your daughter.

Maureen said...

Wow - a busy life! It's good to see you back with exciting news.

I'm looking forward to seeing your soaps on sale.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hi Cindy!

Nice to see you back! Glad you've had (mostly) a wonderful time that past few months.

Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Great to see you back writing. Best wishes to your daughter for a safe and healthy delivery.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

So glad to see you're back! Can't wait to see what you've been up to, and excited to meet your granddaughter!!

Rakesh said...

Thanks for posting this blog. Its really appreciated. I abookmark this blog and will get bcak to you shortly. Now am in search for Furniture in Lake Charles.


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