Easy Gift Wrap...Burlap wine sleeve.

My friend Clara has been at it again. 
You know, my amazing friend who throws parties that rival Martha herself, as well as decorates, organizes, cooks and gardens better than any blogger out there?
(see This Post, This Post, and This Post to refresh your memory)

(look at her all barefoot and cute)

Tonight I felt like I'd stepped into a Country Living spread as we enjoyed a festive evening celebrating Clara and her Hubby Herb's 40th anniversary surrounded by the beauty of her late summer gardens, good friends and good food and drink.  
I'll do up a post with pictures from that tomorrow, 
but I wanted to show you real quick how I wrapped up their gift.

Easy Peasy Burlap wine sleeve.  
Just cut a long strip of fabric 29.5" x 6.5", sew up both long sides, turn right side out and voila.  Pop the bottle in there, turn down the top and add something to tie around the neck.

I happened to have a crocheted flower from the scrapbook store that I hotglued to the fold down collar. 
 I braided some jute twine, and added a wee wooden letter from Hobby Blobby that I quickly stained before threading it onto the twine.

I thought it turned out kinda cute, if I don't say so myself.  :)

You could easily use linen or cotton...leave the edges unfinished and use a grosgrain or satin ribbon instead of jute twine.  And how cute would a vintage brooch look pinned to the collar?  Or a small bloom tucked into the tie.  Or add some blingy beads to the hanging-downy threads. Lots of room for creativity and a great opportunity to use up stuff from your cra(p)ft room stores.  Not that I did that or anything. 

And do you notice that gOrGeOuS hutch in the background? 
 I'm pretty stoked to show that to you soon too.

(edited to add I linked this up to creative little daisy's impromptu linky for quick crafts)


NanaDiana said...

Well, how cute and easy is that! I can't wait to see the whole party! She is just a darling lady! xo Diana

Mandy said...

BWILLIANT!!! Too cool, too fun and oh so easy, love it, well done,

COTTAG3 said...

Cute! That little tag just makes it and is simply adorable. Can't wait to see the hutch.

Northwest Texas said...

So well done! Love it... especially the tag.


Ann said...

Fabulous idea! Great way to use up some of my vintage fabric scraps. Also love the peek you gave us of the buffet. I'd like to see that in all its glory!

Mumzie said...

Very nice! Love it...Mumzie

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

That is cute! I love the little letter tag you put on it. It would be great for Christmas, too.

Anonymous said...

How cute yet it has some class. Not just another paper wine bag!

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

I love it! I can't touch burlap though - it gives me the cold chills....oh just thinking of sewing it has me in a fit. It's almost as bad as the dreaded cotton ball! I didn't get my invite to Clara's -must have been lost in the mail - that lady has it going on!

Flat Creek Farm said...

^oh that Jayme^ sorry.. lol! I love burlap, and I adore what you've done with it. Fab idea! I see I need to catch up a LOT here :) -Tammy

Autum said...

Loverly! I need to make some of those little crocheted flowers while I'm watching TV to have on hand for projects like this. That little detail makes it so sweet. Thanks for linking up.


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