Hoppity Easter.

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So I thought Easter Day would be a good time to decorate for Easter.  *shrug*   
Started with my dining nook:

I'm forever at a loss as to what to hang on those pegs.  For some reason, inspiration struck as I was looking at my loverly aqua mason jars, filled at the time with stones and chunky votives.  Added some twine and deep pink tulips.  Me likey.

Had a leftover bud, so used a narrow-mouthed jar I picked up at JoAnn's for a simple centerpiece on my burlap ruffled runner.

My hutch got birdified too.  Birds say spring to me.  
And temps over 60, but let's not go there. *rolling eyes*

Any ideas for that set of 4 wee cloches?  Thinking a piece of dog food under each doesn't really make a statement of beauty, but ya know, to each his own.

 My salt and pepper birdies perched inside the divine brown transferware I got from Polly.

Moving to the family room, I did over my fireplace and mantle using my plethora (yes, I love that word) of birdie paraphenalia.

Filled my apothecary jars with real and fake nests and eggs.  

These are fake, but they look like candy-coated chocolate eggs, so I loves them.
  Low calorie eye-fest.

These are real quail eggs.  Unbelieveably delicate and beautiful!

 Fake eggs, real nest. Shhhhh.

I *needed* these wee blue birds.  I didn't need the fake eggs, but they look cute tucked in there,
 don'tja think?

This is just a covered cake plate I picked up at TJMarshalls or some such discount home store.  The blocks were won during a giveaway at Annie's Birdcages and Butterflies last year.

Tall cage thing from a long time ago....stuck some of the rocks from the mason jars in there to support a pretty candle.  Birdie votive holder is a spraypainted dollar store find.  
I pretty sure everyone in blogsphere has some.

More fakies, but who's counting at this point?

More birds with fake eggs.  I have a problem.

Dollar store (where else?) birds I spray painted.  
The candlesticks were ones I made awhile ago using Restore supplies.

This beautiful print was made by my daughter Maddie.  It was a project for one of her graphic design classes.  I begged her for it, and she had it mounted and framed for my birthday. 
Yes, I have awesomely talented and thoughtful kids with great taste.

Oh, and the wee wreath I made by hot gluing fake flower heads to a mini grapevine wreath.  I actually made two, but haven't decided where to use the second one yet.  I'll prolly know by July 4th.

So there ya have it.  Easter decor done on Easter day.  It should hold up for another month or so, then out come the seashells and sanddollars.

OH, and if you're following along my shrinking journey, I just posted my 4 month progress report over at my other blog:


z potrzebywnetrza said...

Happy Easter

Unknown said...

Hi Cindy,
I love how you hung the aqua mason jars on the pegs...I may just have to copy that idea! Lately I seem to be buying a lot of old Mason jars...I just like them:-) I also like the way you used shutters as part of your mantle arrangement. And the birds...I got into birds this Easter, too. What's with that??? Hope you had a wonderful Easter,

FairfieldHouse said...

Happy Easter, Cindy! I have been thinking a lot about you and your mom lately. I hope you had a good day. I love the mason jars used as hanging vases. Stop by and enter a chance to win $25 Visa Gift Card.

Your Friend,

COTTAG3 said...

Oh, it's all so pretty. Love the flowers in the jars. The picture by your daughter is amazing. Happy Easter to you.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Happy Easter Cindy! I love me some aqua masons too! Your home looks beautiful. :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
The blue mason jars look great on the pegs. I love all your spring decor.


~ Regan said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! Love everything, especially your mantle.

Hope you had a happy Easter! :)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

BEEEutiful!!!!! I just decorated this morning too.

Claudia said...

So good to see your post. Love your decorations- I, too, am a bird and nest lover. Happy Easter!


~ B. said...

Those jars are so simple and beautiful! Perfecto! Way to go! :D

Amy W. said...

so good to see a new post from you! :) your spring decor looks great! love the mason jars with tulips on them.

have a creative day,

Amy W.

Amy W. said...

so good to see a new post from you! :) your spring decor looks great! love the mason jars with tulips on them.

have a creative day,

Amy W.

Brenda Pruitt said...

It all looks inspired and fantastic! A good decorating day.

Simply Bungalow said...

Love all everything. My favorite is definitely the handing jars. So cute!

Marilyn Holeman said...

Hi Cindy,

How nice to find a post from you. I love the aqua jars with the pink tulips--and then hanging on the pegs, too. Wonderful. I like the birdie stuff, too.

Blessings to you and yours,

Miss Chelsea said...

I love the hanging mason's!

Holly said...

Very pretty Easter decor and you are one funny lady!

Simple Daisy said...

Love it all!! So very pretty!!
ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog! Stop on over if you have a minute:)

Unknown said...

Very pretty, Cindy. I especially like the apothecary jars filled with eggs.

Katherines Corner said...

What a lovely post. Hoping your Easter was eggs-tra hoppy :-)

Mikey Fuller said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love all that teal and white! I've got to get my house back together so I can enjoy it again!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Melanie said...

My husband is laughing his butt off...I made him come in here and look at your pictures of all your cloches and bird stuff because he thought I was obsessed with both...ha ha ha! You outdo me! I *LOVE* all your bird things and your cloches. We can never have too many! :-)

Also, I have the same shelf in my kitchen except mine is brown. Your white one is so much prettier than mine. And I absolutely love how you decorated it. I am practically drooling over your decor today.

Amy said...

Oh my.....I love what you did with those pegs. The bottles hanging from them are charming!!!! Just wonderful!!!!! I hope you had a Happy Easter too!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I don't know how I missed this post but I wanted to let you know how cute it all looks. Love the way you hung the blue jars. The pink tulips look so great with the blue!

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

LOVELY wooden ledge and the hangings on it, the first few pics!! Creative. Nice blog you've got here, am "stalking" you now :)

Heidi said...

Every time I see a cute birdy at the store, I think of you! Love the mason jar idea.

Tracy said...

Everything is so beautiful!! I have to say that the peg board is my favorite. What a great idea...hanging those mason jars like that. LOVE IT! And I just love tulips!!

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

I love the hanging mason jars with tulips! Just adorable!!!

Katherines Corner said...

Looking forward to your next post! Hugs.
P.S. I have your lovely blog on my cottages page at Katherines Corner :-)

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Everything looks absolutely beautiful! Love, Love, LOVE the mason jars on the pegs - perfect!

Maureen said...

I LOVE the blue mason jars hanging from the wooden coat pegs!!!!

College Papers said...

All of your pic is too good. you decorate all the thing is awesome! but i love the most flower pic.

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{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.....and your health struggles too. I agree, sometimes it's just impossible to avoid the stress. Hoping you get to your little beachfront cottage, and gentle days soon........I'd like to dream of that too.

Love all your projects. The pink tulips in the jars??? DEEE.LISH.

Warmest blessings,


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