I'm Cindy, located in a swivel chair in NE Indiana. I'm a wife and mama to 6 kids and 2 kids-in-law.  I've dabbled in many creative endeavors besides procreating, though. Currently, I make and sell handmade soap, infant slings, and revamped furniture. I homeschooled 12 years and doula'ed for 5.  I dig interior design and have been known to help friends with their cottages for a free lunch and a Lowe's gift card. I also love to write, and though I've blogged for years, my foray into the shelter blog world has been uber-fabulous. Thanks for popping over. Hope you find something to inspire or make you laugh.


Donatella said...

Six kids, my goodness! I'm a mom too (labor of love!). I've never been to Indiana- your blog gives me a glimpse, so neat. Thank you also for paying me a vist as you did and you post. Bye for now,

Tempest Ahoy said...

Thanks for commenting on my tutorial! I was so excited to join the Make It For Monday Linkup. I love your blog. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

OK I'm going to try again! I am the father of this beautiful, wonderful person (blogger, daughter, wife, mother) who can't seem to learn to use the "new" communication tools. Sam & Ben nee to help there old granpa.

Now for the tough part to get it to post

Anonymous said...

wow it worked --- sorry to mess up your blog Chicken. what should I use instead of anonymous?

cindy said...

Hey Dad,
Anonymous is fine as long as you sign off as 'dad' so I know who you are!

You can only sign in differently if you have a google account....not sure how to do that. Chris did ours. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy. This is Valarie, your mom's friend. Love your website!

CaraRose said...

Can you please give me the directions for the rag/ribbon wreath you made? Thanks so much. Love it.



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