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Just about every year, at just about this same time, I begin battling the blahs.  I've written in the past how I struggle with Major Depression, and this year with winter really making an obnoxious appearance, I'm noticing the old familiar patterns.....lots of sleeping, loss of interest in anything, negativity, etc.  I've also been dealing with and processing some very painful personal health issues, some family relationship issues, and the simple stress of getting settled in our new home.

Anyway, today I decided to get out my camera with the new tripod my kiddos got me for Christmas, debated whether or not I would clean up first (didn't), and just took some snapshots of my life in the moment.  What my beautiful new house looks like with mounds of ice and snow outside reflecting the sun's rays into my living spaces on January 23, 2014.  To literally focus my attention on the things that make me smile....and I want to share them with you.  I'm attempting to cultivate gratefulness, and my word this year is 'creativity'....so I"m being creative in battling my depression by taking pictures of stuff that makes me happy. In no particular order:

My new retro celery green velour side chairs, picked up on craigslist for $35.  Yes I did.

The spray of (fake) pussy willows in my favorite shade of blue IKEA container.

Old shutters framing a work of art depicting my husband's vacation spot growing up....his family owned an island with a camp in upstate NY on Big Moose Lake.  A family relative painted this for his parents years ago, and they gave it to us as a housewarming gift.

Sunlight streaming in the big windows, over my mama's picture sitting on my old dresser. 

The squishy, pale aqua sofa my parents helped us buy several years ago.....that my daughter graciously traded back to us after I wasn't content with the beige sofa we got from my dad.

My chippy coffee table, a 1700's writing desk my mama gave me, which hubs cut down to size for me.

My new TV entertainment center, purchased for $25 on craigslist.  
Gonna remove one of the middle drawers to make space for electronics, etc. 

Love the green knobs and relief pattern on the doors...

Antique pie safe that belonged to my mom....she painted it this gorgeous color.  

A set of vintage prints from my friend Rebecca (who I hope will take me thrifting when the weather turns!)

My grandbaby Robyn Rose's toy/book shelves, and the hind quarters of my sweet dog Bogart.

My music....I've begun playing and writing music again in my new church.  My daughter told me after watching me play and sing during last week's service that "you are so beautiful when you're doing what you love...." *sniff* (see a snippet HERE)

And lastly...my baby boy lounging around reading his Kindle after school.  

Next up, I'll share some other spaces that bring me peace in the midst of a chaotic season.  
What spaces in your home center and ground you?
(EDITED:  Part 2 of Happy Things is HERE)


Jane said...

I do battle with the blues, too....and this winter, what with recovering from my hip replacement surgery and being stuck at home so much, it's been a challenge not to give in to that "blah" feeling. I like this idea of yours....focusing on what makes you happy and photographing it. I might need to try this. I love that you said you opted not to clean house prior to snapping away with the camera. I think that it the key - to be spontaneous. Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely love the green chairs??? They are awesome!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I want that chair. I realllllly want that media console. It never ceases to amaze me how different your style is than mine and yet somehow they must be connected because every time you show something you bought I think "I'd totally buy that." Please explain.

Unknown said...

We're living in the midst of absolute chaos with these renovations - but the bedroom is done completely - that's my go to place for peace - except I have to leave it from time to time lol
Much love to you Cindy - and may only good things find there way to your door in 2014
Hugs from Montreal

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I get the blues during the winter months too. That is one awesome craigslist treasure for your T.V. You are so lucky to have so many windows with all that sunshine coming in.


Julie @ followyourheartwoodworking said...

Sorry about your hard times, I completely understand. I hope 2014 is filled with days doing the things you love to do!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Your happy spaces are making me happy. Thank You! The chairs, the sunlight, Bogart...

Currently, my living room provides me with the most comfort and joy. The large picture window facing south allows for maximum light to enter, my couch...old, comfy, upholstered in fading denim...is the best seat in the house...also ideal for a full recline ala baby boy.


Rebecca said...

:) We WILL go thrifting in 2014! Yes, we will.

And we need to talk. As you can see, you're not alone in this depression thing...And music helps. I don't play guitar but DO play piano/keyboard.

I ♥ the media console. Can't wait to see it after you've fixed it to suit you.

Unknown said...

I love you!

Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and is has also been a horrible month for me anyway, with health scares for my hubby, worrying about my son away at college (his car "died", he lost his job, and there's trouble with his housemates), and some ongoing family relationship crap. I did a similar post a week or so ago, about little happy things that I was looking at in spite of all the turmoil going on around me.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I kind use the same trick as you, concenrtating on things I love in my cottage to bring a smile on my face. I love how cosy your space already seems to be.

CM Shaw said...

Hey sweet lady, I used to get super bummed during late Feb and March when everything here in VA is grey. I finally realized I needed some color and painted my kitchen ceiling sky blue. It actually worked! So I am all for creative solutions to nagging problems. Photographing happy places, scoring on Craigslist, looking at family treasures, all excellent choices. You should try doing stuff with whipping cream or shaving cream sometime. Like squirting a bunch in you hand. Or rubbing it all over the sink. Or filling a balloon with it. Just cuz it's funny.
Chin up,

Stacia said...

Wow your china hutch looks amazing with the ironware! Great look. Third time is definitely a charm! Love your style.

Stacia said...

Wow your china hutch looks amazing with the ironware! Great look. Third time is definitely a charm! Love your style.


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